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So far I meant blogging means Wordpress or blogspot which provides easy to use user interfaces, blog posts, edits and you can provide keywords and you can optimize your blog for SEO. Still i run couple of sites using wordpress though.

ever since I found Github Pages and Git blog using Jekyll I really wanted to implement my own Github Page and Blog with Jekyll.

There are lot of sites showing how easily you can implement Github blog with Jekyll, but i ran into some issue while implemnting this Jekyll blog, but i finally made one blog on Github.

How to implement Jekyll blog is easily demonstrated here.

If you ran into any issues while implementing Jekyll blog like me, then this post might sounds interesting for you

Here are the issues i faced and how i solved

Issue 1: first check ruby -v Issue the command gem install jekyll after a while I got this error message

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::FilePermissionError)
    You don't have write permissions for the /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.0.0 directory.

This means you dont have your own local copy of ruby, by default every mac will come with pre-installed ruby for its own internal purpose. to come over this you can install your own ruby enviornment using RVM, there is another way using rbenv, but myself i prefer to use this

once you install ruby, then you can continue with your installation.

Issue 2: At the of installation, I got this message

  * WARNING: You have '~/.profile' file, you might want to load it,
    to do that add the following line to '/Users/pavankothapalli/.bash_profile':

      source ~/.profile

Thought this mac installation really driving me crazy, but it’s so simple. just update the .bash_profile file with source ~/.profile. In this way every time console opens it will load the path parameters.

That’s all … your awesome blog is live.

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